5 Must Mast Mithais to relish in Jammu, this Diwali


Jammu holds a rich cuisine and the menu to offer to the ones who have a weakness for sweets. Those who hold a sweet tooth can discover a heavenly indulgence with the variety and options in sweets that fill the sweet shops this Diwali. Let’s take a look at some of these temptations that you can savor a make your Diwali sweet with these delicacies, only in the Mithai bazaars of Jammu.


Desi barfi

mast mithai - desi barfi
A barfi is a national Indian Mithai, which just like water, changes its taste in every other state and in every other region of a state. Desi barfi is an exquisite specialty from Jammu that you cannot find in any mainstream sweet shop. The aromatic and rich flavour of the Barfi which you popularly find at the shops situated on the way to Bawe wali mata are uncomparable to any other barfi made in the city.

Kudh da Pateesa:


mast mithai - pateesa
Imagine a cotton candy, richly fused with desi ghee, made out of besan; that melts in your mouth leaving a tempting taste of heaven. That’s Kudh da Pateesa for you! And from a lot of places, Prem Sweets are popularly known and demanded to make the best one there is. They also have subsidiaries throughout the Jammu city. So, this Diwali, don’t miss out on this little piece of paradise to satisfy your senses.

Milk Chocolate barfi

mast mithai -milk chocolate barfi
The chewy consistency with a nutty flavor and a rich taste of ghee, the milk chocolate barfi is something one would taste and never forget. These chocolate looking delicacies are nothing like chocolates but rather have an unforgettable taste and aroma of the rich desert cuisine of Jammu.

Chhena Murgi

mast mithai -chhena murgi
The sweets are made out of cheese and sugar and is something that anyone after tasting just once, can resist to go for another. These little balls of white goodness is handy and irresistible when fresh and warm. It is how cheese always wanted to taste but never knew how.

Sund Panjiri

mast mithai - sund panjeeri

The one of the richest sweets you can find anywhere in the world would also include Sund made exclusively in Jammu and Kashmir. Exquisite dry fruits fried in pure desi ghee and mixed with powdered or granulated sugar with dried coconut and few other spices will provide you a taste that is, hands down, incomparable to any other sweet one would have tasted. This makes it the queen of any sweets out there.