5 places to go for a Morning Run in Jammu


By Nishant Tripathi

With winters sliding down their chilly peaks and the New Year weight showing as the Curtaining Jackets come off, it’s time to get back in those running shoes and get back in shape for the summers. Being in Jammu, you not only have plenty of tracks to tread and burn those calories off, you can also have a spectacular scenery to relish alongside. Here are a few options:

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Monda/Manda joggers track: Situated just opposite to Hari Niwas Palace, this track has been a people’s favourite for a morning walk/ run. The track is almost 5 kms uphill and goes through the lush greenery, featuring a breath taking view of Tawi. It’s a spectacle to see sunrise early in the morning.

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Park opposite to Pawan’s fruit Ice cream, Canal Road: This Park runs alongside the little canal on the road just opposite to Pawan Fruit Ice cream. Aligned with trees and plants, this park stretches over half a kilometre in length. You can run in laps here and get rid of those love handles.

Green Belt Park, Gandhi Nagar: Situated in the heart of Gandhi Nagar, Green Belt Park is yet another favourite where people like to come for a leisurely walk or a rigorous run. The surroundings are green and calm to make your work out comfortable.

Shivaji Park, Sector 3, Roop Nagar:  This park is well developed and local favourite and always buzzing with health conscious people, doing all sorts of exercises including yoga, cardio and laughing therapy. The surroundings are peaceful, full of trees and greenery.

Shiva Ji Park, Sector 3, Roop Nagar, Jammu


Ved Mandir Ground, Karan Nagar: Situated just under 5 minutes’ walk from Panjtirthi, Parade, this ground has long been serving as a football-cum-cricket-cum-running track for many. The ground is pretty massive for its size to give you a good space to run or play.

Many more places and parks are spread throughout the beautiful city of temples of which these are a few favourites. So, dust your running shoes and sweat it out to have a flaunting body by summers.