5 Places you visited in Jammu in your childhood


By R Gupta 

Pictures by Sandeep

Born and brought up in the city of Temples, you must have seen a childhood full of fun and frolic. You also must have had a fair share of photos in your albums which held the beautiful memories of a fun filled outing done in the mesmerising scenery of Jammu. Lets take a trip down the memory lane and educate the coming generation of smart phones and tabs, to go out and have themselves a day out playing and exploring all that Jammu has to offer:

childhood places jammu
Kinds rejoicing as they visit Manda Zoo

1. Manda Zoo: Remember going to the Manda zoo and be thrilled about seeing all that wild life including beautiful peacocks, deers, nee gai, porcupine, owls, ducks and the list goes on. And then the climax came when the moment to see some large carnivores: The big cats. Jaguars used to move in a commanding swagger and the amazement to look at those beautiful creatures gave another kind of thrill.

Childhood places Jammu
Jaguar cage at Manda Zoo
Childhood places Jammu
Children and adults, both enthralled by wildlife

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’d also see magnificent black bears and Bengal tigers. These days, this zoo has indeed developed well and incorporated some rather exotic animals for display, providing them a safe and natural habitat at the same time.

Childhood places Jammu
Scenic view of Bagh-e-Bahu



Childhood places Jammu
Beautiful Fountains of Bagh-e-Bahu

2. Bagh-e-Bahu: Now we all are aware of this beautiful garden located in a serene location, with commanding Bahu fort looking over it. The whole garden is bejeweled with alluring flowers and trees, and a pretty arrangement of water play and fountains give it a pleasant experience to go out and have a picnic with your family.

chilhood places jammu
Adventurous rides at Bawe Wala Appughar
Childhood places Jammu
Mini Columbus Ride

3. Bawe wala Appughar: Well, this place might not be the original Appughar but that’s what everyone used to refer it with. While paying a trip to Bawe wali mata, every one of us must have been waiting to run to those swings and rides and have a ball at our desi appughar.

People having a gala time at Jhajjar; Picture sourced from Online Media
People having a gala time at Jhajjar; Picture sourced from Online Media

4. Jhajjar Kotli: This particular spot on National Highway comes after about a hour’s drive from Jammu to Udhampur and is famous for a get out on a hot summer day. The gentle stream of Chenab river brings out the inner child of grownups as well and you have a whole day of playing n water. After you’re done and hungry, some good dhabas provide you lavish Rajma Chawal wth piping hot ghee to fil up your tummy.

The beautiful Mansar lake


People Boating at mansar Lake
People Boating at Mansar Lake

5. Mansar Lake: Now, most of us have definitely paid a visit to this beautiful lake fringed by forest covered hills, providing a spectacular view. It also has arrangements to go right into the lake on a boat of course. The lake is also a holy site, sharing the legend of ‘Sheshnag’ and a sanctity of Lake Mansarover.

These places still hold their same old charm and if you have missed out on anyone of these, it’s high time you pay a visit with your loved ones in the beautiful city of Jammy that never ceases to amaze.

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