5 Reasons why women are opting for Indian armed forces like never before!



1.Every officer gets equal opportunity to succeed
There’s a straight way to rise up the ladder, and everybody has to clear tests at regular intervals. These determine your future, nothing else.

2.Women can now fly fighter planes, and take up other combat roles
Recently, President Pranab Mukherjee announced that women will be allowed in combat roles, dismissing the longest running debate in the history of the Armed Forces. He said, ‘My government has approved the induction of women as short-service commission officers and as fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force.

3.Armed forces are the only government entity where you’re assured a pension on retirement
Earlier women joined the Army for a short period of time in which pension and other benefits were unavailable. But, in 2010, the Delhi High Court granted women permanent commission in the Army which includes added benefits.

4.The Armed Forces allow you to continue your studies while serving the Army

Now that’s a win-win for sure. For those of you who want to get another degree or further their career after the Army, the Armed Forces is a great option. You have options to opt for courses, or take a study leave if you wish to.

5. Unlike the private sector, there is no disparity in pay

It’s true. All the officers of the same rank get the same salary. Inconsistency in salaries is still a common problem in several fields elsewhere, but that’s not the case with the Armed Forces.

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