5 signs that your ‘ex’ wants you back | Relationships


A miss call? And a following message. What do you think? Could that be your ex? You can feel butterflies in your stomach.  You’re ecstatic. May as well pray or hope.

Your inner voice starts to say, “What could she want? I knew she would call me.”

You meet your friends and start asking what’s the meaning behind this?

“Why did she call me? She’s probably trying to ensure if I have been doing okay without her? Or maybe she actually misses! A variety of thoughts emanate upon speculations.

SO, you decide to text!

He: Hey.. did ya call me?

She: No!

He: I saw a miss call are you sure it wasn’t you?

She: Oh looks like I dialled you by accident

He:  Ohk.I actually wanted to meet you.. had to say something

She: (line dead)

Now you are coming off way too strong again and she’s gone. Permanently.


Here are the top 5 signals, which show that your ex- might be wanting you back:

Is she taking you in the past? This means they are digging into the memory bank and digging out only the good things.

Outrightly romantic
Did she fall flat and speak to you cheesy or too sweet like how she misses you or loves you.

Social media symptoms
Did she tell something that reminded her of you, something she saw on social media like maybe she has been tripping on your profile and your posts – A ‘like’, by impulse and then ‘unlike’ to disappear. Take a note.

Finding reasons to meet up
Do you have their things and they want them back? Did she forget something in your car? This isn’t always a strong signal, but it can be.

No longer busy with work
Is she available suddenly? Did she make time exclusively for you? If you are questioning this then it’s probably a good sign. When you hang out with is it an all day affair devoid from any time restrictions? This is a good sign.

The lesson is – Take the signs, but don’t over analyse.

The best way to work it out by keeping yourself busy, not to ponder over these signals. Don’t ask every person you know what they think about each signal. This is pointless, dumb and frankly how in the world would they know? This is going to throw you off your game plan and disrupt your confidence.