5 things: Jammu is not Kashmir


Jammu is not Kashmir and it is a division with almost the same population as Kashmir. You guys probably know about Kashmir only because of your limited information through news on militant attacks or a one off visit to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi.

Mubarak Mandi Complex, Panjtirthi Jammu (6)

Let us describe to all the outsiders of the world through these five points that Jammu is more than you would ever know.

It gives me immense happiness to be a part of India and Jammu itself. Jammu is an incredible mixture of cultures – Dogri, Kashmiri and Ladhaki and we all live in a quite friendly environment. We have a variety of food, people, places and a number of things that surely are enough to leave a deep & lasting bright impression on anyone’s heart & soul.

Yet people are so confused and have very low to no knowledge about Jammu. I mean seriously come on guys our state gave India its first PM.

The following points are with all the pun intended and not. Go figure!

  1. Cross a one-way road in two-way style:

This is a special trait that we inherit and maybe we love doing it somewhere deep down our heart. Usually, in all parts of the world people cross a one-way road depending on the side of traffic but not us. We don’t trust the traffic at all. We make sure that we cross a one-way road making it a two way road. Don’t blame yourself, blame the traffic.

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  1. Winter means snow everywhere:

Nah ahh! Repeat after me. It does not snow in Jammu at least not in Jammu city. This is one of the most stereotypical things that all of us have heard at least one time in our life. Not only do we all hate listening to this, it is a joke on you. Next time just tell those people that confuse Jammu with Kashmir that Jammu is home to all six seasons that nature has designed. In summers it goes as high as 48 degrees and in winters it goes as low as 2-4 degrees.

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  1. People in Jammu only have fair skin tone:

This is the dumbest one that Jammuites hear and if you study or work outside state then you must have heard this too. The charisma of Kashmir is so high that people consider Jammu as its entity. But it’s the opposite. We are home to people with a maximum variety of skin type fair, yellow, brown, wheatish. You name it we have it.

  1. People of Jammu only have Dal/RajmahChawal:

Yeah sure of course! We don’t need a balanced diet like other human beings. Maybe we are super humans for them. Please do me a favour and tell them that we are one of the top 10 states with most fertile soil which means that we do grow fruits, vegetables, wheat, bajra, sugarcane and a lot more than lentils and pulses.

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  1. Jammu is way behind other states:

Dude! Seriously. Come on. You surely have not visited Jammu then if you consider it behind any of the states. It can be agreed upon that we don’t have nightlife and stuff but we enjoy all the things about life which is categorically absent in fast-laned metros. We have top notch centralised schools, malls, shopping complexes and what not if those are your definition of a developed city.

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