5 Women of Jammu who broke the Stereotype


Every Woman in the world has a Power Woman within. All they need to do is challenge themselves. Here is a list of five of them, who choose not to be defined by others and created their own path of success. They broke the stereotype of what is expected of a conventional Jammu Woman and became inspiration for all.

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Aarti Mahajan, First Fitness Trainer of Jammu: Leaving a well paid job and a totally amazing lifestyle outside Jammu to become a fitness professional in Jammu was one of the biggest risks she took in her life. Before her joining this business, it was a total male dominating sector but she took another risk and decided to work towards women’s fitness and now after just a few years, she is one of the most loved women of Jammu.

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Monika Mitter- the founder of Aradhana- a ray of hope
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Monika Mitter, Founder of Aradhana- a ray of hope: She was 17 years old when she came up with the idea working towards her an aim to make less fortunate children living in the slums of Jammu. At this very age, all that most of us can think of is how to score good marks in schools and where to hang out with friends on weekends. Since then, Monika is spending her every weekend with the slum kids and helping to improve their life.

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Kavya Kochhar is all of 13 years of age and is a skill-factory churning out talents with an adroitness that makes her a wunderkind.

Kavya Kochar, Young Shooting Champion: Kavya is 13 years old student of St. Mary’s Presentation Convent School. Besides winning a number of shooting championships, she has won ten trophies in various Guitar playing competitions,makes lovely paintings, plays cricket, has a diploma in martial arts, has participated in Karate Nationals, won lot of quizzes and the list goes on.

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Akshi Babbar (44)

Aakshi Babbar, Youngest Commercial Painter: Years ago, Akshi started painting as a hobby and few months back, her solo painting exhibition was inaugurated at Abhinav Art Gallery by veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher not just inaugurated the exhibition but also applauded her talent. She also got a chance to present a “Sketch” of the actor to him and he even purchased a painting out of the 25 paintings on display.

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Sapna Soni (9)

Sapna Soni, Theatre Actor: Today Sapna Soni is a famous name in the field of acting in Jammu. Sadly, in her college days, her family was not supportive of her interests and life was difficult and she had to give it up. Luck had not run out on Sapna Soni, however. She was married early and her husband turned out to be a supportive man who encouraged her to take up her interests again. She started off with anchoring on Doordarshan.

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