500 Rupees note won’t survive washing machine: Twitter User


Srinagar | : Demonetisation of higher value currency note called on by our Prime Minister, people’s woes of using 500 and 2000 Rupees notes doesn’t seem to end.

Just before new 500 rupees notes were circulated in the market. Soon after the introduction of the new notes, there was a lot of news about the misprints and errors people found on them.

And now, a new piece of news is sticking around is that a Twitter user has claimed that the new notes of Rs. 500 won’t survive even a single round in a washing machine. Many of us have at least once in our lives given our clothes out to the laundry with paper cash in our jeans or shirts’ pockets, but rarely have the notes been returned faded crumpled.

Twitter user Ravi Handa has posted the picture of a new Rs 500 note, which according to him did not survive a spin. It seems like the note was in the pocket when he had given it for washing.


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