52 kg Heroin being Carried Hidden in Apple Boxes, Police Seizes truck in Jhajjar Kotli


Police have recovered a consignment of 52 kg heroin at a checkpoint on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway. This consignment of heroin was hidden in an apple truck. The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday when the police raided the Jhajjar Kotli located on the National Highway. The truck HR73-2226 was stopped for investigation during a check at Suketar near the police station. When the police searched the truck, the consignment of heroin was hidden in the apple boxes kept in it. The truck was going from Srinagar to Delhi. Was.

The truck driver fled on seeing the exigencies of the spot. At the same time, a person in the truck was arrested by the police on the site. The accused has been identified as Bharat Shahi, son of Balkrishna resident of Kurukshetra Haryana. When the police emptied the truck, 52 packets of heroin came out in it. All the packets of each fort were hidden in the apple boxes in such a way that Let no one look at him. Police sources say that this consignment has reached Kashmir from Pakistan across the border.

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Police are probing the matter, from where the apples were loaded in the truck. The police have not ruled out the hand of a big gang of narcotics. A senior police officer says that it is a case of narco-terrorism. Terrorists and their helpers resort to Narok Terrorism to keep alive the dying terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan is also engaged in extorting money through Narco-Terrorism to maintain terrorists by sending narcotics from across the border. Jammu SSP Chandan Kohli has confirmed the possession of drugs.