57979 Daily Wagers Regularised So Far In J&K Till 2017


The Jammu and Kashmir government reportedly has so far till ending, 2017 cleared 57979 cases of daily wagers in the state for the regularisation in different departments of the state with Irrigation and Flood Control department topping the list.

It said that the highest number of daily wagers regularised are from PHE/IFC department. Their number 20319, followed by the state forest department which has 5774 such cases that have been cleared for the regularisation.

Home department has 270 daily wagers regularised so far and in Public Works (R&B) the number is 6445 3. In Agriculture/Rural Development there are 3605 cases that have been regularised. In Housing & Urban Development the number is 1362 while as in Labour & Employment the daily wagers whose services have been regularised are mere two. In Industries & Commerce there were 1428 daily wagers who have been regularised whole as in Health & Medical Education such number is 151. In ARI & Trainings, the number is 49 and Tourism, there were 1676 daily wagers confirmed so far.

Reply added that the Jammu and Kashmir Casual and Other Workers-Regular Engagement Rules, 2017 has been notified recently and no worker has been considered so far in terms of SRO 520 dated 21.12.2017. However, Department-wise number of Daily rated Workers engaged prior to imposition of ban viz 31.01.1994 and cleared by Empowered Committee/ Finance Department in terms of SRO 64 dated 24.03.1994 for regularization is 57979.

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