By Citizen Journalist Amaya

Karva Chauth – a day hued in the color Red, glittered with bride-like beauties waiting for the moon to show up to break the fast which is intended to show their love for their spouse. Tomorrow every woman of almost every family will observe the most crucial of Indian fasting rituals with no solid food intake and not even water. Some must be spending the prior days in shopping, some getting the best of Mehndi on their hands to make the essence of the occasion even more strong and some newly-weds anticipating with probably a little worry and anxiety to survive their first ever Karva Chauth challenge. Well need not to worry if it’s your first time of your tenth time as, if the fast is observed wisely you can have enough time to spend with your husband instead of sulking out of hunger pangs in that corner of your room.

1. Karva Chauth begins with the ritual of Sargi– that is to be had before the sun rises and the rest of the day is to spent be without swallowing a single bite. If the Sargi is had in a healthy manner you will not have to spend the day feeling sluggish. Serve yourself a light and healthy breakfast. Eat slowly and chew well. Try to add a good account of raw vegetables and fruits, even sprouts can be chosen over paranthas and heavy doses of fried food.

2. Avoid having sugary and fried food in Sargi as this will make you feel heavy and might even result in acidity and will only leave your hunger aggravated in the later hours. Rather Have bread slices, milk, fruits and a handful of dry fruits to keep your spirit up for the whole day.


3. Don’t forget a few glasses of water as you have to delve into a day with no water till the Moon comes up and that might result in a dehydrated state. Water, Milk and Juices should be had in an abundant quantity as Liquid intake will keep you full for more time and you won’t even have to suffer from acidity.

4.In your Sargi preparation, instead of stuffing your bread slices with potatoes, Choose Cottage cheese (Paneer) as this will keep you satiated for more time as its high in protein and has less carbohydrates.

Picture courtesy: The Urban List
Picture courtesy: The Urban List

5.Now after Sargi the challenge is to spend more than 12 hours without food so if you are planning to spend the day idly and just resting you will have to fight hard with your hunger pangs. To avoid that keep yourself busy in other activities-go spend a few hours in a Spa pampering yourself as it will divert your mind from your skipped meals. Stay engaged with your husband and family and try to keep your hungry thoughts at bay by involving yourself in household chores and other interesting tasks to spend a good day.

6. Avoid coffee or tea immediately right after breaking fast as it will lead to acidity. Rather have a glass or two of water and then milk.
The dinner should not be heavier than your breakfast. Try holding your horses and indulge yourself in fruits and a light dinner full of good carbohydrates and proteins.

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