65-feet effigy of Ravan to go up in flames this Dussehra


Jammu: This year, Ravan will burst into flames at Parade Ground after getting hit by 500 firecrackers .

The month long making of the 65-feet tall effigy of demon king Ravan has entered its final stage. This is the first time, Ravana of such length is being made in Jammu.

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” The effigy is all read. At present we are fitting the firecrackers inside it . The making  effigies of Kumbhkaran and Meghnath is also under process, “said Muhammad Ghiyasuddin, the maker of effigies.


Interestingly, effigies for far-flung and rural areas are made first. As far as Jammu City is concerned , the effigies are completed or given final touch-up on the day of Dussehra itself.

It is quite fascinating to note that these effigies are made by Muslim men. Muhammad Ghiyasuddin who hails from Uttar Pradesh has been making effigies in Jammu for nearly three decades now.

“All religions preach brotherhood and humanity. We are thankful to god that we have set an example of religious harmony by making these effigies. We will teach our coming generations this art too in order to keep this example alive forever, ” said Ghiyasuddin.