7 Booksellers booked for Overcharging: LMD

Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, Apr 18: Legal Metrology Department (LMD) booked seven booksellers for smudging of price and overcharging.
According to Manoj Prabhakar, Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology (Enforcement), various complaints were received by the department on the restrictive trade practices adopted by the traders dealing with supply of school books and stationary items in connivance with school authorities.
He added that the complaints were of various natures including selling note books at exorbitant rates, smudging of MRP, forceful sale of unwanted stationary items, sale of school branded hand diaries and sale of sample books.
Acting over the complaints, the officers of LMD conducted surprise raid on the booksellers to curb the menace of overcharging, cheating and unfair trade practices, which are used to fleece the parents of school going children.
The checking squad comprising of Inspectors Pooja and Rohit Gupta conducted extensive checking in city area and issued notices to 7 publishers. Lot of deceptive books and notebooks were seized by the team, Prabhakar added.
The offenders booked include M/s Small wonders, New Delhi, Pearson India Education Services Noida, Navneet Education Limited Ahmedabad (Distributor: SR Enterprises Bakshi Nagar), Cambridge University Press Daryagang Delhi, Ved Prakash and Sons Tanda Morh Jalandhar, Sahitya Sangam Stationery/bookseller and Quality Manager ITC Chennai (Distributor: Malhotra Trading Company Nanak Nagar).
Prabhakar stated that the offenders were booked under the relevant provisions of the Act for not declaring mandatory declarations required for the information of the students, smudging of price and overcharging.