7 Mindblowing facts about Chenab Rail Bridge

Jammu and Kashmir

KATRA, Mar 24: Describing the highest bridge of  the world, being constructed in Jammu and Kashmir, as fully safe and strong, Konkan Railway Corporation Limited Chief Managing Director Sanjay Gupta said today that the train service will not be affected even if a portion of it is blasted off.

The  bridge is part of  Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link project, which has been declared of national importance. Addressing a news conference here, Mr Gupta  discussed some very key elements about the one of its kind bridge, such as:-

  • Blast Proof: It can withstand 40 tonnes TNT of  explosives. Blast load technique has been used in the design of bridge for the first time. The train service  will not be affected even when a portion of the bridge is blasted off  because it will have welded decks.
  • Earthquake resistant: Can withstand earthquake measuring 8.5 intensity on the Richter scale.
  • Wind resistance: Withstand a wind speed of 266 km/h.
  • World’s highest rail bridge: Height of the bridge will be 359 meter from the river bed level.
  • Size: Base of the arch is almost half of size of footfall ground.
  • Attraction: Bridge will be painted in olive green colour to enhance the surrounding of the landscape.
  • Security: There will be warning system on both sides of the bridge. In case of an emergency, the train will stop automatically.

Giving full guarantee of the security of the bridge, the top  official said, “I am 110 per cent sure of its safety.

I will be the first  person to travel on the bridge. During hearing of a PIL regarding the safety of  the bridge, Railway Board has responded that it is absolutely safe.” Mr Gupta  said the most challenging part of the entire project, the bridge, has been  targeted to be completed by 2019.

Marvel of designing and engineering, height of the bridge will be 359 meter from the river bed level  while its total length will be 1315 m. Help of foreign experts has been taken in the designing of this single arch bridge.

Mr Gupta said it will be  the centre of tourists’ attraction. Currently the world’s highest rail  bridge  is located over France’s Trance river at a height of 300m. Adjoining lands of the Chenab bridge have been purchased for construction of hotels and other activities.

He said during current financial year upto February 2016 expenditure on the bridge was Rs 422  crore  while cumulative  expenditure was Rs 2,829 crore. Almost 1,100  workers, including some foreign  experts, are toiling day and night to complete the signature  bridge.

Mr Raju said  the life of the paint  will be 35 years. He said there will be warning  system on both sides of the bridge. In case of an emergency, the train will stop  automatically. Although  the entire 326 kms long railway line  from Jammu to Baramulla would be  single line, it will be double for the bridge  to fulfil future  requirements.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Railway Minister Suresh  Prabhu and senior officials of the Railway Ministry are monitoring the progress of  construction through high powered CCTV cameras fitted on  project  site.


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