7 Painful Struggles Anyone Who Uses Public Transport In Jammu Can Relate to

The morning rush is mandatory if you work or study. You always think you’ll reach on time and have a great day. Unfortunately, it only happens in our dreams. Travelling by matadoor?  Well, that’s a back-breaking task in itself.

If all this sounds familiar then you’re definitely going to relate to all these painful struggles.  

1. Mentally preparing yourself to brave the Matadoor crowd.*Takes deep breaths*


2. Convincing the conductor to Charge less. *Bhaiya mai student hu*

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3. It’s no less than a roller coaster ride. *Rash Driving- zooooom*

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4. Dying for a breath of fresh air among the smells of sweat, cigarettes and even pan masala. *Shudders*

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5. The stare you get if you are wearing make-up. *God help you*staring


6. The unnecessary long routes. *Pura Jammu Darshan*


7. The worst part of all, though, is realizing that you’re not even close to your destination yet.