8.0 Scale Earthquake false report – says J&K based seismologist

Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, May 28: 

Bikram Singh Bali, senior seismologist from Kashmir and Reader at the Department of Earth Sciences, Kashmir University, told a local daily that the prediction by individuals at Oregon State University claiming an 8.0 or above Richter scale earthquake to hit J&K state in coming time is a False report.

Bali said that, he had recently visited the site where the researcher (Yann Gavillot) had dug, and after studying the seismic time and pattern of the Reasi fault it could be said that the area is definitely prone to earthquake but confirming a magnitude of 8.0 or above is impossible.

Bali also said that even he had worked with Professor Andrew Meigs, Gavillot’s co-researcher.
Bali blamed media for creating an unnecessary hype, he along with his team is doing various research in the same area. He regrets, however, that no one bats an eye and believes in whatever a westerner has to say and added that his work is published in more prestigious magazines than OSU’s.
Professor M A Malik, a Geology Professor at Jammu University told the same daily that he met OSU researcher Yann Gavillot  during a 2008 seminar on earth sciences conducted by Jammu University.
Malik said that he, along with other scientists, was studying the Reasi fault in 2009, which at that time was very vulnerable and denied the fact that exact magnitude of the earthquake canbe predicted.
Like Bali, Malik also said that it is only when a foreign name is attached with a research that it is taken seriously.
The OSU research was accepted for publication by the Geological Society of America Bulletin as a doctoral study and was published online.
Bali along with Roger Bilham (another eminent seismologist from US) has done some extensive work for eight years which completed in 2011.
His research work was published by American Geophysical Union, a bigger body of geophysicists (over 62,000 from 144 countries) than Geological Society of America.


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