Just in case you missed these GRAND stories that made HEADLINES everywhere last week, here is a recap of the whole week. Take a look at everything that happened- from Mobama to the mourning of our ‘common man’ RK Laxman to the Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

1. When the whole nation was chanting Mobama

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The week began with Obama’s monumental visit amid the majestic preparation done by our country for his warm welcome. The amount of money invested was high but the visit seemingly was worth the cost. The welcome was euphoric, the meetings historic and the farewell speech encouraged every Indian to count on the blooming friendship between the two. The three day visit began with President attending the Republic Day parade and concluded with the dialogue “bade bade deshon know what I mean,” quoted by Obama.


2. And then what Modi wore to ‘Chai Pe Charcha’

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Apart from the Obama’s version of the famous DDLJ dialogue, the next big thing that the medi covered was what Modi wore to ‘Chai Pe charcha’. A customized  suit woven with his own name all over the suit. PM Modi overshadowed Obama’s presence for a moment and even the US media took notice and lauded his dressing style. Rumor has it, the estimated cost of the suit is said to be close to Rs 10 lakhs.

3. The historic 66th Republic Day

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The grand 66th Republic Day celebration was everywhere for even the next three days. Never in history, a US President has been invited as the chief guest for the occasion. There were over 15,000 CCTV cameras installed  and the important dignitaries were provided a seven layer security ring. The sight of an all-women contingent of defence personnel walking in the R-Day parade was anotehr proud moment for the country.

4. Natarajan left Congress with a scathing remark

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Congress was jolted when Jayanthi Natarajan bid farewell to the party with a blistering remark on Rahul.  Saying, “Over the last 11 months, I have suffered the most excruciating mental agony, and have been continuously attacked, wrongly vilified and defamed in the media, and exposed to every possible humiliation in public life,” she dropped a brick on the already threatened congress.

5. India lost its legendary Common Man

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India skipped a beat when the news of RK Laxman passing away hit the media channels. The  extraordinary cartoonist had left his admirers bewildered with his expressive cartoon strips for years and without speaking a single word he had won a million hearts with his brush strokes.

6. Queen and Haider ruled the Filmfare awards

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The 60th Filmfare awards took place at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai and the two movies that won big were Queen and Haider. Shahid Kapoor was awarded the best actor and Kangana Ranaut won the best actress award.

7. AIB left the audience ROFLing *literally*

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The roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh got viral and is still trending. The boys from All India Bakchod slammed the two actors hilariously and mercilessly. Well, this was also followed by complaints filed against the group for being vulgar and ‘ruining the clean imagine of the Indian culture by misleading today’s youth’ as said by Akhilesh Tiwari, President of Brahman Ekta Seva Santha. But for the ones who haven’t yet seen it, you can’t afford to skip it.

8. Late Colonel MN Rai’s daughter’s tribute shook the nation.

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The 11 year old girl cried out his father’s Gorkha war cry while saluting her father. He was killed in a terrorist attack in Kashmir on January 27,2015. The officer was awarded Yudh Seva Medal for his bravery on Republic Day this year.

9. Gautam Gulati won the Big Boss season 8. The TV star took home 5 million rupees.

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