6 teachers for 8 students: This Rajouri Govt school tells why education system is failing

Government Schools RajouriA school in Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir exemplifies what is wrong with the education system in the country, particularly the government run schools which are run on tax payers money but are producing neither good students nor results and are in fact a blot on the system. In the latest instance, the authorities have found a middle school in Chajja village in Sunderbani tehsil which has six teachers for 8 students. The shocker is that despite such high student teacher ratio, the children are still faring very badly.

An inspection by a senior education official found that 8 students were present in the school whereas 6 teachers were engaged in talking, and discussing everything under the sun except teaching their wards. Even simple questions asked from the students were not answered by them clearly showing that no teaching happened in this school but it was just being run to ensure six government teachers with connections with high and mighty could live close to their homes, and enjoy pay and perks given by the government without any work.

All this is happening despite the fact that Mufti government has repeatedly asserted reforms in the education sector which are only visible in the speeches of the bureaucrats but does not reflect on the ground. Those politically connected, and who have mastered the game have ensured that they remain firmly ensconced in their fiefdoms despite government’s pronouncements which all know are empty threats.

The Rajouri school had 24 students in 2013, 16 in 2014, and 14 in the current session. The lack of children in these schools is also a result of the fact that government schools have failed on all fronts whether it is education, infrastructure or facilities all these are only meant for teachers while students get the least priority. This is the reason expensive private schools are fleecing parents and even those who don’t have any resources.

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