8 things about the Octobers in Jammu and Kashmir


By Rishav

As we step into the second half of the October, let’s take in a moment to relish the autumn in Jammu and admire the colours of this year’s fall, reminiscent of a last year’s romance and inspiration to a passionate poet. The life span of autumn is pretty short in Jammu when after scorching July, august brings the humid and restless monsoons and September holds the cranky temperament of the absence of them, it’s only October that bids good bye to the summers like an old friend and starts embracing winters like falling in love for the first time in the year. Here are a few things about October in Jammu that you can savour before the winters invade the city.

The fall:



The chill in the wind sweeping the autumn leaves that cover the roads and the flowers of winters that just start opening their eyes and are still unborn and naïve present a picturesque scenery. It’s inspirational and cinematic to walk on roads full of leaves that go golden with age drift away from the trees.





The summery days and the wintery evenings:


A day of October holds a bipolar temperament when it goes marginally hot in the say to go in summer clothes to your work but on the way back, the wintery shift of its mood makes you to regret not bringing a sweater along.

The hoodies:


Who doesn’t look good in those cute little sweatshirts with those careless hoods hanging at the back? Not only they are cuddly warm, the also make you look younger and provide those handy pockets to put in your cold hands and warm them in. So, get those grey ones out of the closet and wear them while taking a stroll in the evening or going for a run in the morning or just casually hanging out with the friends.

The little stalls with inviting smell of popping corn:


By this time of the month, little stalls and carts, smelling of scent of roasted popcorn and peanuts start cruising the city to entice the passer-bys to stop and munch on these little refreshments and go on with their work. Who cannot stop and savour a minute to munch on that irresistible ‘Gajjak’ on these stalls?






Blankets to snuggle in:

Courtesy: thisvintagemoment
Courtesy: thisvintagemoment

Yes, now get those mink blankets out of the trunks and have them put outside in the sun to get rid of the storage scent. Then have them spread comfortably on the bed and line up with some comfortable pillows and there you have your cosy den to snuggle up in and read a good book before going to a good night sleep.

Savour those fruits from the paradise:


This time of year, the fruits of winters start propping up in the markets and become affordable to snack on and relish the heavenly taste of apples, the divine indulgence of pears and other fruits, fresh from the paradise.



You have all the colours spread out to you as Diwali normally falls and lighten ups the markets, bazars and sweet shops. It also brings in heavy sale and discounts, so by that plasma screen on 20% discount or get that furniture you wanted from the sale.

The coffee lover’s indulgence:



The love of coffee is especially renewed as October starts when the cold winters demand that hot sip of a caffeine fix to warm up or simply enjoy a rich cup of cappuccino for the love of it.

So, take a moment out of your busy schedule and enjoy what’s left of autumn in Jammu in the month of October and watch it draping itself in a mystic incense of winters.