8 things which will trouble the PDP-BJP govt’s this budget session


The budget session which was delayed earlier this year owing to the stalemate over government formation between the PDP and the BJP after the death of former Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is to begin with a joint address by Governor N N Vohra to the two houses of the legislature on May 25.

The budget session is to begin in 48 hours and this session can in particular be shaky for the ruling alliance government. The opposition parties have sounded the bugle on many issues in the last two months and are likely to corner the PDP-BJP government on the same.

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Two recent issues which the opposition has been raking are to do with the failure in governance and the extension of NEET to J&K, especially since it could fiddle with Article 370.

Agenda of alliance, which also has not been much of an agenda of alliance since the government formed twice, is going to be the hot topic in the five week long period.

Hot topics of contention and debate, but mostly contention among the 1200 questions for the session should ideally pop out of these

  1. The National Food Security Act (NFSA)
  2. The extension of NEET to Jammu and Kashmir
  3. The State Industrial Policy and the alleged U-Turns
  4. Revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) (included in the Agenda of Alliance)
  5. The return power projects from NHPC to the state
  6. Separate townships for migrant Kashmiri Pandits
  7. Settling of non-state subjects in Sainik colonies
  8. Dwindling Tourism and related economy

Right from the time NFSA was implemented in the state, there have been accusations of shortage in ration. Even the Kashmiri Pandit community living in migrant camps raised the issue of shortage of ration repeatedly.

Tourism happens to be the main driver of economy of the state. The tourism sector in the state has been in poor shape for half a decade and more but nothing has improved since the present government came into power as well.

The contention over NEET, which could possibly further dilute the special status of the state, is sure to hog limelight as the PDP and the BJP did not show any aversion to the implementation of the common entrance test in the state.

The budget for 2016-17 will be presented on May 30 and it remains to be seen as to what the flamboyant Finance Minister has in store this time as most of the promises made last time still have to be translated on ground.