8 Types of People who cannot keep their Phones safe

During this smart phone era, it is hard to find someone who is not having a phone. It is hard for people to even breathe without their cell phones. Below are few kinds of creatures for whom misplacing phones is a daily routine:


People who are addicted to clicking selfies are the ones who usually regret overdoing it as they end up dropping or losing their phone in the process.

Phone kept at absurd places

Second category involves those who have a habit of keeping their phones at weird places which they can hardly think of later viz. Back pockets, on the floor, table or chair and then they leave it there only. At least allow your butts to relax for a while.


Those people who love food more than their life also ends up dropping their phones.


Unlike others, these creatures look for weird ways to impress people and then wind up with bizarre activities.


People who often face problems due to mood swings usually vent out their anger by throwing their phones and then regret later.

Jugaadu bande

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These people hold the opinion that there phone can fit any where, thus they end up losing it along with the charger.

Gorilla glass lovers

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People who think that Gorilla glass has got more strength than the gorilla.

Messy bags

People who stuff their bags with all useless things and then end up losing their phones while searching other stuff.