9 things about Haider that offended some viewers


We received a 9 point emotional regression against Haider from one of our readers and thought to share with our viewers.


1.  Vishal Bharadwaj had signed the petition to not vote for Modi, it’s another shameless attempt to malign our Army.

2. It is in stark contrast to the reality in Kashmir in the 90’s. Much shame on Bollywood, anything for money, eh?


3. Why show that Muslims were victims in Kashmir in 90’s, when it was actually the Kashmiri Pandits who suffered because of them?

4. Why have the Censor Board if they can’t object painting Indian Army in bad light? Doob maro(drown yourself), how dare you say our Sena(army) is evil?

5. Imagine this – Spectacular service done by our Sena in # JKfloods , and they release awful movies to insult them. No shame?

6. Any movie that sympathizes with terrorists, glorifies them; insults Indian Army and justifies ethnic cleansing,goes to the bin.

7. Kashmiri separatist Basharat Peer scripted that movie. No wonder it has such anti-Army, anti-India, anti-KP flavour.

8. In the name of creativity & freedom of speech, it’s awful to demonize our forces; peddle lies about India & Kashmiri Pandits

9. Many ignorant folks around the world, including children, will form opinion about India, Indian Army & Hindus from this.

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