97-year old man passes MA (Economics) exam, plans to write on Poverty, Unemployment


As they say, age is just a number.

Raj Kumar Vaishya of Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) proved this adage when, as a student of the Nalanda Open University, he passed the MA economics part II (final year) examinations, the results of which were declared here on Monday.

Vaishya is all of 97 years old.

Born in April 1920, Vaishya, whose three sons have retired from central government services over the past several years, has stunned even the university authorities by his feat. “His zeal and dedication to pursue education is worthy of emulation by one and all”, said university registrar SP Sinha.


Vaishya, who graduated from Agra university way back in 1938, appeared at the examinations like any other student, at the venue on the University premises. ”Never sought or got any special privilege on the ground of his advanced age”, said the Registrar..

Sinha said Vaishya was happy when university officials went to his residence for getting the admission form. ”Again, we are going to present him the mark sheet of MA examination, which is a big occasion for us, as well,” he said.

Soon after getting information of his success in the MA examinations, Vaishya’s grandsons rushed to greet him with sweets, as token of their joy, and congratulated him for what he had accomplished by his dedication and love for education.

Vaishya, who secured second division, lamented that had he taken the examinations earlier, he could have passed in first division.

“I thank my daughter-in-law Prof Bharti S Kumar, former head of history of Patna University, for regularly standing by my side. She even discontinued watching the serials and movies of her choice on television just to keep me undisturbed.”

Vaishya said he would now concentrate on writing articles on socio-economic issues, mainly those related to poverty and unemployment.

Kumar said her father in law always encouraged children to pursue education as a mission. “He has now emerged as a role model for the society at large “, she added.

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