A 7th Standard boy indebted with 9 Lakhs


Budhlada, a city in Punjab is home to Sikander who studies in seventh standard. Sikandar lost his parents a while ago and the orphan boy now lives with his grandparents in the Bahadarpur village. His father was a farmer and like many of them had taken up several loans both from public and private sectors.

With the untimely death of his parents, Sikandar is now obligated to pay these debts. Being a notorious child that he was, Sikandar would not stop for rest and wanted to become the real King (Sikandar) when he grew up. But destiny had its own plans for him. Instead now the poor lad is scared to lose his only family, his grandparents – Gurnam Singh and Surjit Kour.

Earlier the people from his village had settled down to account for the money that his father had taken from various sources. After taking into consideration all the assets and talking with his Uncle, the lump sum turned out to be a mighty Nine Lakhs. With his entire childhood, teenage and adult life ahead of him, life is going to be a real bummer for this boy.

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