A Baby is Born somewhere, a Baby is Lost somewhere

A-Baby-is-Born-somewhere-a-Baby-is-Lost-somewhereO mother, your children are equal
Do not, O mother,
Do not orphan them!
Our past,
Interlinked, all of us!
And the future,
The bright-separated,
Separated from the dim,
The divide too deep,
Too wide!
O mother, do not…

What a marvellous day it was when Shahrukh and Gauri got the news of their third child. They went the surrogate way.
With the blessings of the whole country for the baby, hi- tech facilities, love across the whole nation and not to miss the complete attention of the world of glamour around him, his arrival in this world was hyped and glamorized to the hilt.


another baby is born , not so marvellous day it is , no one knows about him, no blessings , and the hi- tech facilities…haaa.., leave alone the basic ones, as far as love and attention is concerned the platter is empty .

This isn’t a Amitabh Bachchan starrer Yash Chopra movie–‘Deewar’, but a real true story of millions of young ones who are abandoned by their families every hour , every day, left helpless and alone, dying.

Coming back to our first part of the story, the question is when there are millions who want love, who want families, who want care, then why such propaganda in the name of surrogacy, though on the whole it is a great idea but we cannot just ignore the numerous other grave problems that our nation is fighting today.
There are millions who are living below poverty line, there are millions who are orphans , then why such drama by some elite classes to show off their newly born member of family, why can’t the better and serious issues be highlighted, Why not the millions who are without a family hyped and trend of adopting these lonely innocent souls undertaken.

It’s high time we stopped viewing photos of celebrities and their kids on google and instead woke up and acted like humans by doing something for the society that we live in.

By Ritika Pathania