A child deserves an education for success, but first to become better humans


Jammu May 8

A child develops and learns most concepts at the age till 7 and the kindergarten the child goes to can fine tune the future of the child. Most kindergarten schools follow the same route of academics and it is hoped that there would be some students who would shine better than the others. We all know not all the mangoes in a basket are of the same sweetness. Every child is special and for any parent there is a serious need to understand that.

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Anyone can copy a module, but none can emulate the passion or acumen with which a thought is turned into an idea that lives through. Most kindergarten schools simply copy a leader and in the process the idea is lost. Parents do not understand that their child maybe losing out on a future that the child can adopt to with most success. This is why there are a certain number of things that need to be imparted to a child when they are young.

The need to see life for real

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Imagine, seeing your three year old actively participating in an activity where he or she learns how to make lemonade. Your child who can tell everyone in a room how to make a sweet and salted summer drink will surprise everyone. Leave alone if the three year old uses terms like fireless cooking. That would just be out of the world right?

Or imagine, the same three year old instead of learning about vegetables from pictures in books, holds a cauliflower and can identify it among any vegetable at the vendor’s.


Understanding Equality

School Tiffin
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This makes a difference beyond understanding. A school is a place where children from all backgrounds would go for education. What if there is a menu in the school? Each child is supposed to get ‘gobhi-aloo’ on a Thursday and Monday would mean ‘bhindi’. Each child gets the same food.

The best thing is no child in such a school would ever feel inferior and would grow to become a fearless champion ready to take on the world. Tiffin is just a small example and there’s much more that is being done in kindergarten’s these days.

A small teacher-student ratio

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There is no denying the fact that education sector is one of the most thriving businesses and often times, the ratio of students to teacher gets skewed. What if in a class there are decidedly no more than 10 students? That makes for an ideal classroom for the young Spartans.

Learning to be safe from strangers

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Children would never speak of sexual molestation if it is happening to them. They do not understand it. Is your child’s school teaching them how to identify good touch from bad touch? As a parent, even you would not know the symptoms. Would you really want to wait for an accident to happen that leaves a scar for life?


Now we are no specialists but all the things mentioned above were small examples of how a child can be protected, nurtured and developed into an individual that is respected by the society.

The Principal of Magic Year’s School for Children, Mrs. Chetna Khullar, follows all of the above in her school and more. Her kindergarten is the first ever to have opened in Jammu city and she has a experience of over 20 years in understanding the needs and behavioural patterns of children. There’s probably no one better than her in Jammu not to mention the 20 years worth of experience or did we mention that already? You can go take a look at her little paradise near Panch Mandir in the Green Belt park area. The school’s popularity will make it very easy to find.

Wouldn’t you want your child getting ready for the world under her?