A childhood deserves better than this



Picture by Citizen Journalist Sandeep Singh

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When all his friends and kids of his age are playing around in parks or feeling excited for their holiday trip to some fancy lush hill station, Vishal is treading roads and fields in scorching heat in search for Jamun trees. He  collects the fruit, places them in a huge basket on some roadside and spends his whole day waiting for customers.


His innocent face with sweat trickling down his forehead, is not a reminder of a happy and joyous childhood but of burden and gloom of the concerns he knows nothing of.

Vishal, who is nearly ten year old, studies in Class XI in a government school. His mother and father work as laborers and so does his elder brother. The family had no earning source back in Jhansi, so they moved to Jammu in search of work and all his family members have been doing labour work from quite a few years.

As the finances are very poor, Vishal too works in order to assist his family. He spent his whole vacations selling fruits on roadside. Everyday he is able to earn 100-200 rupees and at the end of the day, he hands over all of the earned money to his mother.

Sitting alone all day, perhaps dreaming about how his childhood could have been better, if only he wasn’t born in a poor family, he waits and waits for customers.