A child’s hand was stuck in the escalator of a mall for 2 hours


Raipur – Kajan Dahariya, a 6 year old boy, had a nightmarish experience in reality when he got his hand stuck in the escalator for over a period of two hours. The incident happened at Shyam Plaza in the Pandari Area of Raipur where Kaizan’s hand was taken out of the escalator after two hours safely. He was taken to the hospital immediately for treatment and the doctors upon seeing the X-ray reports confirmed that it was only a minor fracture.

According to witnesses, Kajan had gone to the mall with his mother, Anju, who works in the housekeeping department at the mall. Kajan was playing around the escalator when his ball fell in one of the units of the escalator. When he tried getting the ball, his fingers got stuck and consequently his hand was pulled in too.

The police was informed immediately and a team of Fire Brigade and an ambulance reached the spot. After about two hours, the teams managed to get his hand free and the ambulance then took him to the hospital.





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