A citizen of Jammu asks How Wave Cinemas charges a bomb?


Jammu and Kashmir News

Citizen Journalist Vivek Mehta
The movie goers in Jammu have been cheated by the Cinema Theatres on a number of occasions. The movie halls of the Wave Mall, despite being given repeated warnings by the Consumer Court, are still managing to deceive the locals. They have been charging multi-folds than the actual price of the commodity.
The eatables that are sold outside these halls are charged at much higher prices. Shockingly, neither the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) department nor any other monitoring agency have taken note of the cheating with the consumers going unabated in the Wave Mall.
The movie lovers are forced to purchase soft-drinks and other eatables on very high prices since they are not even allowed to take as much as a candy with them inside the movie hall.
The theatre owners have very effectively established lofty rates for popcorns, cold-drinks and other eatables. For items such as a pack of popcorn or a bottle of soft-drink, these money gatherers charge exorbitant rates (100+ rupees). How are they able to do that, is the bigger question before authorities.
A simple pack of popcorn that hardly costs Rs.20 at a railway station or anyplace else, suddenly is worth Rs.75 at the Wave Mall’s Theatre halls.
The unnecessary hike in prices of commodities that are actually really cheap outside the walls of the mall, is something that the authorities should  be looking into. They need to be more specific about the rates list of these outlets. Price monitoring authorities must visit these outlets to protect the rights of the consumers and moviegoers because due to their monopoly these outlet owners are looting the aam aadmi.

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