A Dal A Day: Weekly Menu of a Traditional Dogra Household


History books depicting life style of Royal Dogra families, who ruled the state between 1846-1947, have traced the origin of several food varieties savoured by majority of people living in Jammu province to the times of Dogra rulers and their ancestors. Dogras Love for food in no secret and same can be witnessed in their daily meals especially their lunch menu

Monday – Mix Dal

Dogras apparently believe in kick-starting the week with a healthy start. Mix Dals are known to be fuller source of protiens.

Tuesday – Masur Dal

While a number of households stay away from this colourful looking dal, many have given t a place on indecisive days, especially Tuesdays.

Wednesday – Moong Dal

Mid-week calls for a dish which is light on your belly but still filling. Sometimes we yearn for the soothing comfort of homemade khichdi, but also feel like having something spicier. Moong Dal can do both, hence it totally  qualifies for being on the Wednesday Lunch Menu.

Thursday – Chane Ki Dal with Ambal

The ambal / umbal is sweet and sour pumpkin or Kaddu.It is an important dish in dogri cuisine. Ambal forms the part of the full course meal with channa dal and Rajma/Roungi and mittha patt (sweet rice). This combination is served during the community lunch of wedding ceremony Sannt.

Friday – Rongi

Rongi or lobia known to be a fairer siblimg of Rajmash are equally loved by Jammuites when cooked with bhuna masala on dhuni. Though known to cause acidity, a piece or two of Heeng and Laung would serve the purpose.

Saturday – Black Chanas

Kale Chane, which is also known as chickpeas is a healthy legume and a staple saturday mean at a traditional Dogra household.

Sunday – Rajma

The end of the week has to be an icing on the cake, hence the ‘Rajmas’ which are loved by one and all. Name one person who doesn’t love ‘Rajma Chol’ with piping hot ghee on a Sunday Afternoon.

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