A Day without internet: Here’s what Jammuites are doing on this ‘no-4G’ Sunday!

Washing Cars & cleaning Homes

The car you drove everyday, is suddenly seeming to dirty to drive (cz the internet is a distraction and is too slow today). Let’s pick up the vacuum cleaner and get on with the work. Also the clothes closet will also recieve some attention today! Thanks to the ISPs

Calling friends and planning a day out

‘Yaar Tera internet chal raha hai kya’ This would be the first question but this would further lead to talks of the good old school, days or college days, finally ending in a plan to meet. ‘Yaar Aaj milte hain.. Kya bolta hai?’

Visiting relatives homes

Oh! yes they are there too. For once you wouldn’t just make a formal ‘Kaise hain, sab theek?’ call to them and actually visit them to see how they are doing!

Cooking the ‘Sunday Brunch’

Remember the days when the entire family was consulted before preparestion of Sunday Brunch and then everyone would get involved in kitchen chores, to get that scrumptious meal ready.

Coz A Family that Eats together, Stays Together

Trying to be patient with slow internet

All the best with this one!

Talking to siblings, mom and dad

Today, many of us would see what our mom and dad’s schedule is all about. What do they do the entire day and they feel guilty for being engrossed in our phones all the time ending up cursing the internet for even existing for it saperated us from our parents. (Tsk.. Tsk..)