A Detailed Comparison Between India and Pakistan | Who is ahead of whom?

GDP, GNP and Foreign Reserve: According to the lists issued by IMF in 2015, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of India is 7th largest in the world with 2183 billion dollars while on the other hand, Pakistan falls on the number 40 with 271 billion dollars. As of 2015 the Foreign-Exchange Reserves of India and Pakistan were approx $351 billion (9th highest) and $202 billion (56th highest) respectively. The growth rate of Indian economy is 7% which is second fastest in the world and in next two year it would overtake China whereas for Pakistan it stands at 4.10%. Also one US dollar equals to 104.62 Pakistani Rupees whereas the same for India stands at 68 Indian Rupees

Education Sector: Literacy rate in India as per the census of 2011 stands at 74% whereas for Pakistan it stands at 63%. Around nine Indian Universities has found place in the list of Asia’s top 100 universities while not even a single featured from Pakistan. More than $10.50 billion were allocated for education in the Indian Budget whereas for Pakistan, the figure was $6.85 billion.

Performance in National Sport of both nations: Be it any sport, both India and Pakistan are seen as arch rivals. Among all the games rivalry is at its peak in Cricket and Hockey matches. It’s been three times, both the teams have come face to face in the Olympic Hockey finals out of which two matches were won by India and one by Pakistan. However, out of total hockey matches played between India and Pakistan, Pakistan has won more.

Performance in Fav Sport of both nations: Talking of Cricket, the score of winning more test matches and ODIs goes in favour of Pakistan, while India leads in shorter version of Cricket i.e. T-20 Matches. India also have a upper hand over Pakistan when it comes to Cricket World Cup, as India has defeated Pakistan in all the matches that were played. The current score in Cricket World Cup stands at 7-0. Also India has won 3 Cricket World Cup (Two 50 overs format and one 20 overs) whereas Pakistan has won 2 (one 50 overs format and one 20 overs).

Cinema Industry: The Cinema industry of India and Pakistan cannot even compare. This is the section where India is far ahead of Pakistan. Indian Cinema produces nearly 2000 movies annually whereas Pakistani Cinema struggles to produce 40 movies on an average per year. The highest grossing Pakistani film till date is Choorian (1998) which grossed 44.5 crore INR. The highest grossing Indian Movie till date is P.K (2014) with gross earnings of 735 Crore INR. As of 2013, in terms of annual film output, India ranks first, followed by Hollywood and Chinese Film Industry. Indian film industry reached an overall revenue of $1.86 billion (INR 93 billion) in 2011 and it is projected to rise to $3 billion (INR 150 billion) in 2016.

Performance at Oscars: Indian movies were nominated to Oscars award time and again. India has won Academy Awards six times (5 Individuals and once National Film Development Corporation of India for Movie Gandhi). On the other hand, Pakistan has not even sent a single movie as its nomination for Oscars for the last 52 years. However, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy became first Pakistani (first female too) to win Oscars for her Documentary Saving Face (2012).

Participation in Nobel Prize: Total 8 Indians has been conferred with Nobel Prize while the number is only 2 for Pakistan. For India, first Nobel was won by Rabindranath Tagore (Literature-1913). He was first Asian as well to win Nobel Prize. Also, Abdus Salam was first Pakistani to win the reputed prize who won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979. In the year 2014, Nobel Peace Prize was shared by Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi from India.

Comparison of Defense Forces and other Security Forces: India and Pakistan both spends huge amount of money to maintain an army which are third and seventh largest in the world respectively. Total force of India is 4,768,857 (1,325,450 Active Military, 1,155,000 Reserve Military and 2,288,407 Paramilitary) and that of Pakistan is 1,447,800 (643,800 Active Military, 500,000 Reserve Military and 304,000 Paramilitary). The Military budget of India for year 2014 was $45 Billion whereas for Pakistan it was $8 Billion. Total number of Aircraft stands at 1905 (India), 608 (Pakistan). The count of tanks and submarines is as follows: India (6464 Tanks, 15 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers) vs Pakistan (2924 Tanks, 8 submarines and 0 Aircraft carriers).

Space Program of India vs. Pakistan: India is far ahead of Pakistan and other Asian countries in Space Program. Indian Space Research Organization (I.S.R.O) has achieved many landmarks in space program that Pakistan has yet to achieve. Indian Launched its first satellite Aryabhata in 1975 and the same milestone was achieved by Pakistan in the year 1990 (Badr-1 was first artificial satellite of Pakistan). The budget of Indian space program is $1.2 billion and that of Pakistan is $75.1 million. ISRO provides platform to many foreign countries to launch their satellites and has carried out 75 spacecraft missions, 46 launch missions. Last year India successfully completed Mars Orbiter Mission (M.O.M) and it is the third country in the world after USA and RUSSIA. India is the first country to achieve this feat in first attempt and also the first Asian country to reach on Mars.

War of 1948, 1965, 1971 & 1999: Both countries have confronted on a large scale four times in past. If we compare the results India again has an upper hand. The fight of 1947-48 was stopped by United Nations and due to mistakes of Jawaharlal Nehru India lost 1/3rd area of State of Jammu & Kashmir. The result of other three wars were different. The war of 1965 was stopped after United Nations ceasefire but according to neutral sources Pakistan lost 3800 soldiers as compared to 3000 of India and India won 1840km.sq of area that was given back to Pakistan. In 2015, on 50th anniversary of 1965 war, Pakistani historians accepted the fact that Pakistan was defeated in the war of 1965 which they refused in the past. Time Magazine in its October edition of 1965 wrote: “Now it’s apparent to everybody that India is going to emerge as an Asian power in its own right.” In the war of 1971 India had a decisive victory and it led to creation of Bangladesh from East Pakistan. Indian forces captured around 15,010 km sq. land in Western Pakistan but was returned in the Shimla Agreement as a gesture of goodwill. A record number of soldiers of the Pakistan Armed Forces (including paramilitary) were taken as Prisoners of War (90,000) by the Indian Army. The 1999 Kargil War was another attempt by Pakistani forces to create disturbance in the Kashmir Valley but it was repelled by Indian Forces and Pakistan was criticized on the Global level for initiating war with its neighbor.


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