A dozen men attacked son, parents with swords and hockey sticks in Talab Tillo

Jammu and Kashmir News

Yesterday, in Kabir Colony of Talab Tillo, a family was attacked and beaten relentlessly by a dozen men over a property row.
Four members of the family, Tanveer Singh, Tejinder Singh, Navjot Singh and Kitty Kour were severely wounded in the conflict.
According to Tejinder Singh, his family had a property dispute with Ram Lal’s family for a very long time now. And Ram Lal’s three sons often used to threaten Tejinder’s family. The victim had even reported the threats to the Talab Tillo Police Station in-charge Rahul Mahajan but he allegedly did not do anything about them. Tejinder’s son, Tanveer, who suffered head injury, said that the accused had tried to hurt his family before. They had even smashed the wall of their house last week.
The culprit has been identified as Subash Chand.¬†On Monday¬†morning, Subash along with his two brothers, Vijay Kumar and Ajay Kumar, and a dozen other men entered Tejinder Singh’s place forcibly. They carried sticks and swords with them and started beating up the members of the family. Tejinder Singh’s sons were able to get hold of two of them before they fled the scene. The accused have been identified as Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Patta Bohri and Ramesh Kumar from Kabir colony itself.
The police have made the list of men involved in the assault and have filed a case under sections 307, 425 and 452. Meanwhile, Ram Lal’s sons have fled their place and the search is on to find them.


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