A govt employee shot dead a street dog; area locals teach him a lesson


Kathua, June 11: The impunity with which some people maltreat animals can evoke true hate. No one can bear to witness the sight of a mute creature being tortured to death simply because someone started riding a whim.

In a heinous case of animal-killing at Ward Number 8 in Hiranagar, a class-IV employee shot dead a dog in a fit of anger. The man, who goes by the name of Narender Kumar, works as a peon at District Hospital Kathua. The dog had bitten Narender’s son and when he went crying to Narender, he just took out his rifle and shot the dog dead.

Kathua Class IV employee killed a dog

While it is understandable that if a stray dog becomes a menace, there would be anger but the route to vent out the anger is communicating the issue to the local Municipality instead of shooting an animal. One can only imagine the consequences had his son been in a serious fight with someone’s child. The man has a gun and can shoot.

However, the killing of the dog evoked a rather strong response from the locals who first entered an argument with Narender and when he did not budge from his stance repeatedly saying, it is just a dog, the locals lodged a complaint against him.

Guess what! Narender was arrested under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1990 (1934 A.D.) (Act No. XIII of 1990) of the Ranbir Penal Code.

You can read for what crimes against animals can a person be punished in J&K here 

Prevention of cruelty to animals act

The law of the land does not permit anyone to be cruel against animals. If you know someone or see someone inflicting pain on a domestic or a stray animal, you can report the matter and the person would be dealt with law.’

Animals cannot speak for themselves, this is why we should raise our voice for them.

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