A half-hearted attempt to clean Trikuta nagar canal:


Jammu — In a report done earlier by U4UVoice at the site of Trikuta nagar canal, we showed you the pathetic, filthy condition of the canal that goes across the length of the road. The canal was flooded with plastic, garbage and water had turned horrible in appearance as it had become the breeding ground for diseases.


The administration did notice and take action but only to display their superficial interest in the welfare of the public. A cleaning drive did take place, but it ensured not the proper cleaning and restoring hygienic condition but that the collected garbage should escape the passerby’s direct vision.


The half assed effort by the administration shows that they’re interested to make an impression of good governance instead of actually bringing change for good. It is highly unfortunate to witness such a mediocre effort on behalf of a govt that has proudly launched its Safai Abhiyan campaign.