A look into the Pahari Thali!


In the world of negativities, there’s one thing that makes us forget the bad things and enjoy the moment to the fullest i.e. food. In this world of differences, food is a binding factor. In J&K itself, we have a variety of food belonging to the different ethnicities of the state.

Dogra food is known for its own history, uniqueness, and taste. Ladakhi food is so different and delicious. Kashmiri food is known for the richness of spices used in it. Among this mouth-watering variety of food, one cannot ignore the beauty of the Pahari food.

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The Pahari community constitutes 20% of the state’s population. Apart from the beautiful language and culture, the food typical to the Pahari community is nothing less than savoury. There’s a kind of rajma that’s found in the area inhabited by Pahari community. Locally known as ‘mothi’ and ‘moth’, the taste of those rajmash beans is impeccable. The purity of the spices used in preparing the beans adds to the natural flavour of the beans.

There’s another curry peculiar to Paharis of the Pir-Panchal region, i.e. ‘saag wali karhi’. This curry is prepared by adding a mixture of green leafy vegetables in curd and water. Green chilies, almonds, pumpkin, etc are also added to enhance the flavour and is served with ‘makki ki roti’ and raw onions. It is a must have food item whenever one visits this region. This curry deserves some great advertisement!

The best thing about Pahari food is the most of the ingredients used are locally grown and are mostly organic.

A lot of Pahari households still prepare food using the old methods which adds to the purity, simplicity, and taste of the food.