A man got cheated in love, blamed girl and her mother


After dreaming for 5 years of getting married, a soldier who got cheated had put charged against the girl and her mother and questioned the police investigation.

A person named Sanjeev Kumar, resident of R S Pura had told that he was in love with a girl since 5 years. He said that the girl had promised him to marry and took all the benefits from him for 5 years.

He said he helped the girl and her family in these years in financial as well as other matters. Sanjeev told that the girl’s family was against their love relation. He told that the mother of the girl agreed for their marriage last year. The marriage cards got printed as well, and the mother of the girl refused again to give her daughter’s hand in his hand.

The girl told about this to Sanjeev and he took a leave, came back to Jammu and they both got married in the temple.

Sanjeev told that the girl’s second marriage was fixed in November. He took the stay orders from the court and handed over to police also but no investigation was done by the R S Pura police.

He has requested the police to investigate the matter and take action against them.

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