A Muslim family protects and cleans a Shiv Temple in Rajouri


Jammu, 24 June: The winter capital in the last two weeks saw attempts to destroy the peace and harmony that people belonging to different faiths have worked hard to maintain. Jammu stood taller than the anti-social elements and even a second attempt within 48 hours to polarise the interfaith populace failed.

Molana Anvar Hussan Avtari Local
Maybe it is the water of the Suryaputri Tawi, which has the legend of a goat and a lion drinking water together, that makes the people of Jammu what they are and stood up against at a time when required.

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This is also why the tale of Racchha village in Rajouri District is important to be told as it is reflective of the soul of what Jammu division is made up of.

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Raccha village is not exactly the epitome of religious tolerance and amid such a situation a few muslim families have presented an example of humanity and respect for all religions. In this village with a Shiv temple, there are no Pandit ‘brothers’ left and for the last decade these muslim families have turned caretakers of this Shiv Temple. The village Raccha is just 40 km from Rajouri.

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During the 1990s, militants had aimed at the destruction of many temples1990 and the muslims in this village took upon themselves to protect this temple.

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Maulana Anwar Hussain told U4UVoice, “I have turned 40 today and I can remember the presence of this temple from the time I opened my eyes. My father taught me to protect this temple and take care of it. All of us who stay closeby broom and mop the temple taking turns and see to it that no one makes the place dirty.”

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The people of the village say that the Maulana treats both the mosque and the temple equally. The maulana, according to the villagers, puts in his life to see to it that the temple is secure.

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