A PDD dailywager dies of electrocution; there will possibly be no help

Jammu and Kashmir News

The Tawi bridge and the Vikram Chowk were blocked by the angry mob of Phallain Mandal today. The group of people were protesting the death of a daily wager of the Electricity Department who died because of the negligence of the department.
Parshotam Kumar, who was a daily wage worker of the PDD Department in their sub-divisional office at Talab Tillo for the part 11 years, was electrocuted while he was working. After the shock he fell from the top of the pole and died while working in Shakti Nagar.
People were protesting against the department for having failed to give its workers any safety measures and specifically those men who put their life in danger and get on top of the electricity poles to work with the live wires at extremely high voltages.
The people also expressed their anger against the fact that none of the officials from the PDD Department came forward after Parshotam Kumar’s death.
The people demanded that just as any one member of the family of the permanent Government official is given a job after the death of that government employee under SR-43, likewise, a member from Parshotam Kumar’s family should also be provided with the same.

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