A series of thefts rock Apsara road, Jammu

Roadside Parking wreaking a traffic havoc

JAMMU: Apsara road sees a lot of influx of shoppers during the festive season, the shops are decorated 10 days before diwali to welcome goddess Lakshmi. This is a long-prevailing ritual followed especially by the business community at Apsara road Jammu.

The stretch from Gole market to Last Morh, Jammu is gleaming with read and blued lights. But in recent times, the Apsra Road, Jammu has witnessed a series of criminal activities, four of which took place in October alone. Pertinently the series of thefts have become common since Dussehra.

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On 18th of this month, a Swift Dezire, parked near Surya milk Shop was stolen. The victim, apparently left the car keys inside the car with a 5 year old child inside it. The thief, swept the car, alongwith the baby. But later, the thief dropped the child in Gole market area and fled with the car. The incident took place at 9 pm.

Following this theft, the security was raised in the area, with police cordoning the length and breadth of the road. Alas, another incident surfaced two days hence. On 21st october, two incidents, one of purse snatching and other of chain snatching were reported from the area in between 6 to 7 pm. Purse snatching incident took place near APsara multiplex, while the chain snatching was reported right outside the Gandhi nagar Pir baba. Pertinently, a lot of beggars are seen outside Peer baba, who are, now falling under the radar of suspicion.

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A day after, i.e. on 22nd October, chain snatching incident was reported near citywalk around 4 pm.

Meanwhile, police has started the investigation by taking the cctv footage for some showrooms as only 4-6 cctv only installed in gol markets in collaboration with police n civil society and shop owners. These incidents have, therefore, left the Jammu police red-faced

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