A side of Yoga Day at MA Stadium you did not know about


Jammu, June 21: The second International Yoga day was celebrated throughout the nation with great enthusiasm and MA stadium was the main spot in Jammu city where the official function was held today.

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh was the chief guest at the event where yoga enthusiasts, mostly young boys and girls, took part.

Now take a look at these pictures which sort of expose the preparations for the function and the felicitation of a Union Minister. (Credits – ANI)

MA Stadium Jammu (1)


MA Stadium Jammu (2)

Looking at the pictures of vehicles drowned in rainwater right after the Yoga event got over, gives away the intricate arrangements made by the management.

MA Stadium Jammu (3)

The Authorities of Jammu is well-versed with the water-logging problems once the rain sets in. And they repeatedly manage to fail the people and douse the entire city.

MA Stadium Jammu (4)

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, where the showers have relieved the heat, the epic scene of failure of the authorities has come to the surface, floating.