A view from inside the Bunker


Srinagar, July 23: The reports from the valley thus far have focused on the atrocities faced by the locals. Atleast, 45 have been killed in clashes that ensued from the encounter of the Hizb Militant, Burhan Wani. Hundreds have received almost blinding eye injuries and thousands are getting treatment in hospitals across the valley.

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The reality has made everyone sit up with the Home Minister visiting the valley to initiate dialogue with the respective stakeholders.

BUT, there is the other side as well. A side that is not being spoken or written about enough. AFSPA has been invoked by many in these times and the Security forces have been shown as demons who use the bullet to silence even the slights by locals.


You can watch the video and decide the persistent instigation by locals even after which the security forces exercise restraint. No smoke without fire!

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