A woman assaulted the traffic police officer for imposing Chaalan


Yesterday, a woman ranted with traffic police at Indira Chowk, Jammu.The woman was riding scooty without the helmet. Traffic police at Indira Chowk stopped her and when she was asked  to pay the chaalan, she got into the argument with the police officers.

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The police officers’ complaint is that while she was ranting on them, she slapped one of the officers.Last evening, while traffic police officers were at their duty at Indira Chowk, they stopped a woman on the scooty as she was without the helmet.The woman told that the police officers came in the mid-way of the road to stop her which might have led to an accident.

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On the other hand, police officers told that when they stopped her on the charge of not wearing the helmet, she started using indecent language with them, and when they asked her not to use the bad words, she got violent. DSP Tejender Singh told that the case of abusive behaviour and assault with police officer has been registered against that woman. He told that the chaalan was also imposed according to the rules and regulations.


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