Aaj ke Dharne (12th October 2015)

Aaj ke Dharne (12th October 2015)

Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu and Kashmir held today (12 of October)

Jammu Ke Dharne

Dharna Number 1bAJRANG

By: Workers of Bajrang Dal

For:  Against Engineer Rashid Beef Party

Dharna Number 2OROP By: Retired Paramilitary Persons

For:  OROP implementation on the lines on other defence personnels

Dharna Number 3

PEOPLE IN AkhnoorBy: People of Akhnoor

For: People blocked main road of Jourian Near Naiwaala  for their Demand of road completion which was pending since 6 year.

Dharna Number 4ret By: Rehbr-e-Taleem teachers

For: Regularization of temporary employment of teacher working for more than 5 years

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