Aaj ke Dharne (12th October 2015)

Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu and Kashmir held today (12 of October)

Jammu Ke Dharne

Dharna Number 1bAJRANG

By: Workers of Bajrang Dal

For:  Against Engineer Rashid Beef Party

Dharna Number 2OROP By: Retired Paramilitary Persons

For:  OROP implementation on the lines on other defence personnels

Dharna Number 3

PEOPLE IN AkhnoorBy: People of Akhnoor

For: People blocked main road of Jourian Near Naiwaala  for their Demand of road completion which was pending since 6 year.

Dharna Number 4ret By: Rehbr-e-Taleem teachers

For: Regularization of temporary employment of teacher working for more than 5 years

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