Aaj ke Dharne (26th October 2015)

Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu and Kashmir held today ( 26th of October )

Jammu Ke Dharne

Dharna Number 1

oropBy: Retired Paramilitary employees

For: One Rank One Pension

Dharna Number 2
bspBy: Bahujan Samaj Party

For: In support of reservation in Jammu

Dharna Number 3border peopleBy: Residents of border village

For: In support of several demands like relaxation in age and education qualification forJobs,  adequate compensation, free treatment, money for house repairing being damaged during firing

Dharna Number 4

LOC MIGRATION By: Jammu West Assembly Movement

For: in support of the boarder people migration and against ceasefire violations and LOC Migration.