Aaj ke Dharne (3rd December 2015)


Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu and Kashmir held today ( 3rd of December )

Jammu ke Dharne

Dharna Number 1ReT

By: Jammu and Kashmir Rahbar-e-Tallem Teachers Association

For: In support of their demand of regularisation of temporary employment


By: Jammu West Assembly Movement

For: Implementation of the food security bill

Dharna Number 3: NPP

By: National Panthers Party

For: In support of ReT Teachers/ talwara migrants

Dharna Number 4: jmc

By: Employees of Jammu Municipal Corporation

For: Against physical assault of one of their colleagues

Dharna Number 5: association of deaf

By: Jammu and Kashmir Association of the deaf

For: Against State Government’s ill treatment towards the handicapped

Dharna Number 6: handicapp

By: Jammu and Kashmir Handicapped Welfare Association

For: In support of a number of demands pending with the state government

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