Aaj ke Dharne (9th November 2015)

Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu and Kashmir held today ( 9th of November )

Jammu Ke Dharne

Dharna Number 1srtc By: All J&K SRTC volunteer Employee Union

For: Against Transport Higher authorities for not clearing the VRS/GHS employees dues

Dharna Number 2rehbr ae taleem By: All J&K Rehbr-e-Taleem Teachers Forum

For: Against the non-payment of long pending salaries

Dharna Number 3
dopjk By:
POJK Refugee Forum

For: Celebrating the announcement of financial package to the state

Dharna Number 4congress By: Congress Activists

For: Against the state government for steep rise in prices and that nothing being done about the reservation policy