Aap Shambhu accused’s medical exam postponed as doctor on leave

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu:  The accused in the Roop Nagar situated Aap Shambhu temple sacrilege, Yasir Alfaz, was due medical examination by the panel of doctors from GMC two days ago. However, due to the absence of one doctor in the panel doctors, it has been postponed.
The medical examination of the culprit was directed by the government and a team of state’s finest doctors appointed to carry it out. But in the absence of the Psychiatrist in the panel, the assessment has been delayed. As per sources, the doctor has taken a personal break, however, he can be asked to report on duty anytime on the orders of the government. Also, according to the officials, the medical exam of the accused can be deferred til the Assembly session gets over.
There has already been massive row in the assembly over the desecration incident and any more pressure would possibly lead to appointment of another acclaimed Psychiatrist in the board.
Two of the members of the Medical board are Psychiatrist, while there is a Psychologist and a Neurologist and one from the Medicine Department. As per the sources, the exam would be conducted under the supervision of the Secretary of the hospital. Ever since the claims of Yasir being mentally ill have surfaced, it has become mandatory that he be examined by the fore most doctors.