‘Aaye tere *****!’ 6 ways to tackle the ‘eve-teasers’ every girl walking on Jammu streets comes across

Jammu is a hundred times better in terms of safety compared to metro cities like Delhi. We, ladies, are lucky to be living in this paradise, we can leave home without the threat  of mishaps hovering above our head .  But no place can be considered vacant of eve teasers who roam around on the streets outside Gandhi Nagar College, Parade College or all women colleges and schools for that matter.
eve teasing
pic source : online media
These eve lurkers are the gooey elements in every society, no one can get rid of. They leave you raged with their shallow comments and tacky panjabi songs sung aloud with their cheap gang, blowing whistles . 
So for all those days when unfortunately we happen to bump into such terrible, nasty , disgusting and awful guys, stalking you or gawking at you, we should know how to kick them off.
Your mother probably would ask you to avoid going to crowded places or just simply stop travelling in Matadors or going to any place alone. But, no girls, that’s now how you get rid of them. Be bold and learn how to deal with them

1. Eye to Eye attack

eve teasing
Pic Source: Online Media
Five years ago when you were coming back from school and that road romeo used to keep standing right outside your lane, your mother taught you one thing- don’t look at him, but guess that barely works. When travelling in the Matador, you happen to be unfortunate enough to sit next to such a person, don’t do the ‘don’t look’, Look him straight in the eye and show him you aren’t scared. You don’t have to act all docile and silent, Attack him with silent anger perhaps leaving him embarrassed. Your body language plays a major role. Show him the anger.

2. Shoo away the romeos; Raise the Alarm

eve teasing
pic source :Online media
So there is always this gang occupying the corner bench of almost every matador stand, taking pride in passing lewd comments on almost every girl going  by. Well, often enough, the limits are crossed when they even step near you, irritating you in all possible ways. Make Noise, gather people and bash them up, hard and loud. Make them realize that its is not acceptable to any of you.

3. Keep a pepper spray 

eve teasing
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Always, always keep a handy pepper spray in your bag. It is  available at almost all big stores of Gandhi Nagar and Trikuta Nagar. Buy it and you would never have to worry while heading back home late, walking down that empty lane. He would always regret chasing you.

4. The ultimate Slap trick

eve teasing
pic source : Online media
So when some unlucky day perhaps walking down the Bahu Plaza street, some infuriating guy on a bike, driving along you, with the slowest possible speed rages you with his cheap comments, you know what to do with those bad eggs, right? Exactly! a tight slap is all they need or perhaps they deserve the reward of a hard kick at their groin. Be it a crowded place or an empty lane, don’t hesitate. If they don’t, why should you?

5. The poke weapons

eve teasing
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Keep poke weapons with you while travelling. Probably a thing as little as a safety pin can be your rescuer from the unwanted guys deliberately pushing you saying ‘piche se dhakka laga madam ji‘. Poke him with that safety pin and I bet he would get down right at the next stop or prefer standing at least a few inches away from you or any girl for that matter).

6. Threat them back

eve teasing
Pic Source : Online Media
So when you were waiting for your friend in Rani Park, a guy came to you asking ‘Chalna hai kya?’, you almost slapped him. And well with his bruised ego, he tried to scare you, threatening you that he could call his friends right there. Just tell him you are the daughter of some MLA, or perhaps your dad is in Police or perhaps that you are in Media and one more threat from him would send him behind the bars. Dare he say anything more!
So ladies, apart from knowing these tricks, you know the world is full of such dorks who would leave no chance to annoy you with their crude and obscene comments. Just know the basic defensive tricks, keep alert and adopt a stronger stance.
Don’t hide, come out,get the rage off your chest and teach those timid romeos a  lifetime lesson.