ABC of Modi’s mind



Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on October 3 through All India Radio. The broadcast titled ‘Mun Ki Baat’ was recorded and broadcast. A transcript of the address in regional languages is also available.

Here is the ABC of the essence of the address in English titled ‘ABC of Modi’s Mind’ as I could make out after listening to the address.

A: Awareness of the potentials within must lead to self-empowerment.
B: Buy some Khadi items to keep the lamp of Diwali lighted in poor person’s home.
C: Capacity building through skill development can make one self reliant.
D: Dussehra is the celebration of victory of good over evil, and uncleanliness is an evil.
E: Every human being has a potential to learn, but they need to be enabled differentially.


He reminded people of the country that they were blessed with immense skills and strengthen which needed to mobilized. “All we need to do is to understand our potentials,” he said. He stressed the need to move forward with dignity and self-identity to emerge victorious.

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